Membership Plans

All memberships run Jan 1 (or signup date) to Dec 31. Fees are not pro-rated and memberships do not automatically renew. 
Associate Membership is available to anyone who wants to support us and is required for application to become a Regular Member. Associate Membership costs $10/year and grants access to our monthly e-newsletter. Your membership fee supports our operations including production of the online learning material for participants, maintenance of our website, and subsidies on course fees for low-income participants. Your support of our work is greatly appreciated! 

Regular Membership = Certification. Regular Membership is available only to Course Conductors, Certified Instructors and Instructors in Training (those who have received a recommendation to take an Instructors course and/or who have not completed requirements to become certified). The cost is $150/year (plus participant fees). Regular Members receive our monthly e-newsletter, voting rights at the AGM and member's meetings, access to instructor material, access to Member's lists, and instructors-only forum. Your membership fee supports our operations, including development and maintenance of course curriculum, scholarships for new instructors, and marketing efforts. Membership fees may be reduced for instructors who are on hiatus either due to injury, illness, pregnancy, or other reasons resulting in a reduction of number of courses taught.
Note: for 2022, we are not awarding Course Conductor status. We want all Members to have the opportunity to get comfortable with the curriculum before you teach others how to teach it. 

More information on the CIAC program and Regular Membership benefits as well as FAQs can be opened below (will open in a new window). 

Course type
Per Participant fee
First Time, Beginner or Novice
Intermediate or Advanced

Non-voting Associate Member of CIAC. 
Required for all Instructor Trainees and Regular Member applicants. 

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to register multiple Associate Members at one time.

Price: $10.00

Regular Membership Application

Regular Membership is currently only available by application: please fill out the following form, include relevant documents supporting your application, and you will be notified of the result. You will be invoiced for your membership fee if accepted. Note you must have an existing Associate Membership to become a Regular Member.

Are you a CAN-BIKE Instructor (current or previous)? Please include a list of courses taught in the last 3 years on your CV or in your application.

Applications will be considered by the Membership Committee and you will be notified of the result. 
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