Instructor Training Information

In order to provide excellence in delivery of courses, CIAC is committed to producing excellent Instructors. Our process isn't as simple as taking an Instructor Training course because we don't want to produce instructors who aren't prepared to teach or who aren't really interested in teaching and just want a piece of paper saying they're certified in something. 

More information on the process and a list of upcoming Instructor Training courses is below. 

Steps to Certification

Step One
Even if you live in a tiny town, it's important that instructors at any level have experienced what is the pinnacle for most cyclists: you must attend an Advanced course. 
As a potential instructor candidate, the expectations are a little higher than for regular participants. You must acheive 80% or higher grade on the following:
  • online learning
  • on-bike evaluation
  • written evaluation
In addition, you must receive a recommendation from your Advanced course Instructor in order to pursue certification. Your attitude, preparedness, knowledge and leadership skills are determining factors in order to receive a recommendation. 

Upcoming Courses

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