Why Certify?
  • CIAC Instructors have access to up-to-date curriculum, including current best teaching techniques and material. Reviewed annually, this material includes necessary forms, risk mitigation strategies, teaching teachniques and more.
  • Online learning for participants is hosted and maintained by CIAC so all you have to do is add your participants, check on their progress and grade their assignments: no more worry about developing your own material. 
  • Access contact list of other Instructors so you can ask questions or refer participants to their local instructor. 
  • Opportunity to be involved with curriculum updates, member recruiting, and/or other aspects of CIAC operations.
Last but not least; CIAC Certification is a publicly-verifable way to show that you are a trained, professional cycling instructor, not just a person who claims to know how to teach cycling. 

Certification Process

The process of getting certified is more involved than just taking a single course as CIAC Instructors are responsible for ensuring participant's safety, appropriate learning and more. Our expectations are high because participant's lives are at stake.
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