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CIAC was incorporated through the Canada Not For Profit Act on January 31, 2020.


All courses use standardized curriculum.


Instructors are certified in First Aid and for those who work with children or other vulnerable populations, screened through police.


Using up-to-date materials and teaching methods to ensure relevant, complete teachings.

We Start With The Basics

All instructors learn how to teach the basics so they can build on a solid foundation. This includes material on choosing course location(s), mitigating risks, required paperwork, and the basics of working with bikes.

Children or Adult?

Instructors choose one or both teaching streams: children (under 14 years old) or adult (14 and older). They will learn how to teach to people based on their age.

The Destination May Not Be The Same

An Instructor will progress with their training to the level they desire to teach: no need to learn how to teach Advanced if they don't intend to teach it. Think of this as a series of bus stops: instructors can go all the way to the end of the line or get off at a stop along the way.

Safety Is Important

All Instructors are required to have First Aid Certification and for those working with children or other vulnerable groups, a clear Vulnerable Sector background check through the local police.

Experience Practicum

Instructors are required to complete a practicum, teaching courses under the supervision of an already-Certified Instructor before they're able to deliver courses on their own.

Standardized Material

All curriculum is standardized and centralized so all participants receive the same quality of instruction. This includes online learning for Intermediate or higher level courses, which is run through CIAC.

Instructor Certification Levels

All Certified Instructors receive training in the same core material: essentials of being an instructor (including risk management, location selection, insurance). 
Instructors choose one or both age-based segments: children (age 4-13) and/or adults (14 and up). 

Instructors then progress through the levels, based on their interests: 
Level 1: qualified to teach First Time courses 
Level 2: qualified to teach Beginner (if adult segment chosen) and Novice courses
Level 3: qualified to teach Intermediate courses
Level 4: qualified to teach Advanced courses

Instructors will be familiar with all courses at least up to Advanced though they may not be certified to teach all courses. If you are considering taking a course, ensure the instructor is qualified to teach it.


- John Doe, Instructor Level 1, 3, 4 (adults) is able to teach First Time, Intermediate and Advanced courses to adults only. 
- Jane Smith, Instructor Level 3 (children) is able to teach Intermediate courses to children only. 
- Sam Jones, Instructor Level 1, 2, 3, 4 (children & adults) is able to teach First Time, Novice & Intermediate to children and First Time, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced to adults. 

Course Conductors

Course Conductors are qualified to teach new instructors as well as deliver courses to participants. Course Conductors are only qualified to train new instructors to their own certification level: for example a Level 1 Course Conductor cannot train new instructors to become a Level 3 Instructor. 

Course Conductors Levels: 
Level 1 can certify new Level 1 Instructors 
Level 2 can certify new Level 1 and 2 Instructors
Level 3 can certify new Level 1, 2 and 3 Instructors
Level 4 can certify new Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Instructors


It is possible to be a Course Conductor only for some levels and an Instructor to others. 
- Julia Green, Course Conductor Level 1, Instructor Level 3, 4 (children & adults) is able to certify Level 1 Instructors and teach First Time (children and adults), Intermediate (children and adults) and Advanced courses.
- Dwayne Sindler, Course Conductor Level 3, Instructor Level 4 (children and adults) is able to certify Level 1, 2 and 3 Instructors and teach First Time (children and adults), Beginner, Novice (children and adults), Intermediate (children and adults), and Advanced courses.
- Taylor Brown, Course Conductor Level 4 (adults) is able to certify Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Instructors (children and adults) and teach First Time, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced to adults only. 

Find an Instructor or Course Conductor

Verify instructor status here: only active, valid members of CIAC - those who have paid their membership dues and are qualified to teach CIAC courses - are listed here. If you don't find someone on this list, they aren't using CIAC material or teaching CIAC courses. Please let us know if someone is claiming to be an active member but isn't on this list. 

Active CIAC Members

Certified Instructors
Melissa Malejko
Instructor Level 1, 2, 3, 4 (children & adults)
Calgary, AB 
Safer Cycling Calgary

Map of current Certified Instructors and Course Conductors

Use the map to find an Instructor or Course Conductor near you. All members are also listed to the left with their contact information if they wanted it listed.

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